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Do you ever wonder just how AWESOME the HSE Hot Oil Coat Conditioner is? Check this out…

Since everyone loves a before and after….
We thought we would post some pics of one of our own horses, and its extremely hard to do the ‘Before’ photo! Our young WB gelding has been spelling in the paddock ‘au naturel’ for at least a year. He’s back in a small paddock now to diet and is starting under saddle. He is not stabled or rugged, and currently is not getting any feed other than grass in the paddock.

Photo 1 – Gorgeous Roy hanging on to his winter scruff for dear life. Coat is dry and wirey with lots of little scrapes and nicks from trees and paddock mates. This is a mobile phone photo and pretty unforgiving.



Photo 2 – Post 10 Days…. To achieve Roy’s transformation we simply gave him a HSE Hot Oil intensive treatment (approx 200ml oil to a 10lt bucket water) on day 1. Then a daily spray and brush with Hot Oil made up in a 500ml spray bottle, and another full body rinse with a light Hot Oil treatment on day 6. Roy had his mane & tail trimmed, and for this post photo had a hose down and rinse with a light Hot Oil mix, Glass Pro lightly sprayed on his coat wet, then another quick spritz of Glass Pro and a buff with a sheepskin mitt once he was dry.
We are VERY happy with the results…. his coat still has a way to go yet, but that will come when he gets a rug and a bit more time. The Hot Oil has made a huge difference in helping him lose that last winter hair, bring out his colour and he is certianly a whole lot easier to groom now!
HSE Hot Oil is so easy to use, unbelieveably effective and can turn a coat from shabby to silky & healthy in no time!

If you’d like to see for yourself how incredible this product you can get yours HERE



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