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HSE Hot Oil & Clipping… they go together like peas a carrots!

Pictured below is a series of before, during and after photos showing how HSE products can get the best out of the clipped coat.  Our stunning model is a Purebred Arabian filly kindly ‘loaned’ to HSE for the photos by her breeders Jill & Leanne Willoughby of Stardale Arabians.  This filly was full body clipped on the 9th of April in preparation for her first show on the 16th of April, so exactly a week prior to competition.  As many horse owners know, and particularly those that show… clipping the coat results in loss of colour, depth of colour and shine, especially with the darker coloured horse leading into winter.

 At this time of year (southern hemisphere), she had already developed a nice winter coat with the shorter daylight hours prior to clipping.  She was not produced under lights, and only rugged with a cotton sheet due to the inclement & humid weather during the week post clip.  Her feed program was entirely natural with no special additives for coat condition. This filly also has extremely sensitive skin, and was quite reactive to the clipper oil & spray used to clean & cool the blades.  We were able to manage this though with the help of HSE Hot Oil.  No dyes, colours or other makeup products were used for the after photos.

 Pic 1.  Great bay colour getting darker as the winter coat comes through. Her colour in full summer coat is a mid/bright bay.

Pic 2.  Photo taken straight after a full body clip. No product has been used on the filly here.  Unfortunately we had very overcast conditions and rain so she looks a little dull here, she did have a little bit of healthy glow though but the coat was quite ‘mousey’.

Pic 3.  Day 1 post clip, here she is pictured after her rinse with HSE Hot Oil.  Cloudy again.

Pic 4  One week post clip, photo supplied courtesty of the very talented Samantha Taylor.

Pic 5+  Finished photos of this filly taken on the 20th & 21st April…. 12/13 days after clipping, coat treated with HSE Hot Oil Coat Conditioner throughout the week, HSE Showtime Coat Oil as a finishing rinse pre photos (ZERO shampooing), and a little HSE Glass Pro Coat Laminator to touch up and make sure no dust on the coat.  We used HSE Showtime Coat Oil neat as face makeup.  Photos taken in early morning & late afternoon.

If you’d like to try this amazing product for yourself, you can purchase it here… HSE Hot Oil

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