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Getting our horses clean is often a necessary part of owning them but the downside of shampooing is the way that it strips the natural oils from the skin and coat.
Sebum is vital for the health of our horses. It provides a protective “armor” for them against toxins, dehydration, and environmental and mechanical stress, including temperature. While the hair and skin protect the animal, the sebum layer protects the skin and hair. The sebum layer is made up of fatty acids and oils that coat and protect the skin and hair.
When humans wash ourselves our body produces more sebum and our skin will back to it’s natural levels in about 3 hours.
When we wash our horses it takes them 17-21 DAYS to reproduce their sebum and get it back to their normal levels!!! So if you’re washing your horse every week or two then they’re never getting those sebum levels back to where they should be.
And it really doesn’t matter what claims the shampoo makes, doesn’t matter what fancy ingredients/essential oils/vitamins etc it has in it. For it to clean the skin and hair it will remove the dirt and oils including the sebum.

But there is another way!

Use the HSE Hot Oil Coat Conditioner mixed with water as a grooming spray. Simply spray the coat to dampen with the hot oil mixture, brush in with a firm brush and let the magic happen!
It will lift the dirt from the skin and hair and leave it on the surface of the coat.
If you want to speed up the process you can do this process and then work your horse, the movement and warmth created from the work will help to lift the dirt up faster. Otherwise pop your horse back in the paddock/stable for a while, rug or not is totally up to you.
The beauty of this method is that not only are you removing dirt from your horses skin without stripping it with shampoo, but you’re actually ADDING good oils to the skin and hair that will moisturise the skin and condition the hair.
Then once the dirt is on top you can remove it by hosing, or brushing, or a damp towel etc (depending on your facilities and the time of year/weather).

Not all hot oils are made equal…
There are many oils out there that people use on their horses coat. Some products contain mineral oils – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing – it just comes down to what you’re wanting to achieve. Mineral oils are used on people all the time as a barrier oil. They will sit on top of the skin and create a barrier against the environment. There is nothing wrong with this and they’re often very gentle.
HOWEVER, the reason they sit on top is that they have a molecular size that is too big for them to be absorbed by the skin and the hair.
So if you’re wanting a hot oil treatment that can be absorbed by the skin and the hair so it will moisturise and condition, you need it to have ingredients that all have a molecular size small enough. This is exactly why the HSE Hot Oil Coat Conditioner was developed to be what it is.

Want to give it a try? Check out the HSE Hot Oil & Super Sprayer pack here and get yourself a high volume heavy duty spray bottle and the hot oil and save by buying the combo.
If you already have a spray bottle then check out here for the different sizes of HSE Hot Oil available.


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