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Pictured below is a series of photos using one of our own ‘models’.   Briefly, this gorgeous Arabian Horse has super fine and wispy hair,  beautiful to look at but quite hard to manage when they live full time out in the elements.

This gorgeous boy has the type of hair that turns to dreadlocks in the slightest breeze, and it’s very prone to soaking up the colour of the rich red clay soil of his river bank pasture.

We keep the tangles (and leaves/sticks/debris) at bay with Liquid Silk rubbed through the mane and tail once a fortnight, even without washing.  Unfortunately as we are so busy we dont have much time to spare and consequently his mane and tail have not had a good shampoo for about 6 months…. one of those small jobs we just dont seem to get around to often enough!

Photos below show the mane & tail before washing.  After a shampoo we took some photos of the mane and tail whilst still wet.  The shampoo did it’s job, however we still had a lot of red/yellow staining from the clay in the hair.  Tempting as it was to scrub again and again, this type of fragile fine hair just wont stand up to harsh scrubbing and chemicals without damaging and breaking these lovely locks….  So we really had to put the HiTone Silver to the test here to see just HOW much it could neutralise those stains.

The photos below show the tail as it was pre shampooing, and again after shampooing whilst still wet.  Our test subject was a little cold and disgruntled in the late afternoon, so he wouldnt stand still to actually soak his tail with a mixture of HiTone Silver and water, so we used a triple concentrated amount…. 3 capfuls (1 capful = 5mls) of HiTone Silver in a 1 litre household jug of cold water.  We then poured this bright purple mixture straight onto the tail making sure we covered all the hair, and left it to partially dry.  Before the tail was completely dry, we gave it a light rinse from the hose with cold water to make sure we removed any excess toner.  No other products were used on the tail at all for the after photos…. we did not add Liquid Silk or Glass Pro Coat Laminator for shine as we are also using this tail to record the benefits over time of our fantastic Intensify Conditioning Mask.  As you can see, the results speak for themselves!

The mane is shown after shampooing and you can see the stringy yellowing in the hair, along with the resulting mane after HiTone Silver was applied in a 1 capful to 1 litre of water concentration, then followed while still damp with a very small amount of concentrated Liquid Silk Hair Polish to ensure no breakage of the hair when we gave it a brush for the final photo.

This beautiful Arabian boy had a quick shampoo over his body (ex legs), and we gave a final rinse over the whole body with 1 capful of HiTone Silver mixed into a 9 litre household bucket.  No other products were used on his body for photos.

We were delighted with the results, and our horse owner guests we invited to watch the process and feel the hair were quite literally astounded at the result, and just how quick the process was.  The shampoo, HiTone Silver rinse and brush took around 30 minutes to complete.

HiTone Silver & HiTone Silver X2


Straight from the paddock… Pre Wash

After Shampooing, still damp.

After HiTone Silver, dry.

Mane after shampooing, and after HiTone Silver applied.

The gorgeous finished result!

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