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HSE introduces a new product to the Glass Pro series…. ‘Illuminate’

Finally… after so many requests, and our own need for a high performance makeup for our show horses, we have formulated & tested our amazing new Illuminate Gel, a crystal clear eye and muzzle highlighter that is not only natural, but outlasts and outshines any others.

So much versatility with this new highlighter, from ultra glam shine to natural soft enhancement, Illuminate caters for a wide variety of looks for the show horse without compromising quality, benefits or ease of use.

Our requirements for a high gloss makeup were – natural & beneficial to the skin, easy to use (preferably a gel not liquid), comes in a container that doesnt spill or get contaminated with grass/shavings/hay if we drop it, doesnt attract dirt and dust, doesnt bead or ball up when our horse is hot or sweating (not a great look in front of the judge & makes bridle clean up messy), doesnt run down the horses face dragging chalk and colour with it once we are warmed up, lightweight & natural looking enough for daytime hunter classes but glossy & ultra shine enough for the indoor wow factor, doesnt burn our horses sensitive skin in the sun, and lasts all day so we dont have to re-apply it over and over.  Phew…. thats a BIG ask!

We are happy to say Illuminate meets all those requirements and more!  Our unique natural ‘stay put’  formula with UV Filters provides the gloss and shine for every event in an easy to use flip top tube.  Illuminate combines the latest natural derived (sugarcane) gelling technology with organic naturals including Macadamia, Vitamin E & Castor Oils to produce an oil based moisturising clear makeup for the horse, it does not contain mineral/paraffin/hydrocarbon oils or sticky waxes that sit on top of the hair/skin and bead up when the horse is warm or sweating (eg baby oil/gel, wax based gels).  Illuminate Gel is also totally active, meaning you can apply the gel for instant effects… no waiting around for the gel to warm up to your horses body temperature, just spread, blend and you are set to go, Illuminate stays where you put it.  An added bonus is it makes a fantastic lip gloss to pop on before hitting the ring.

As always with HSE products a little goes a long way…we love our concentrates for economy. Demand for truly natural products to use on our horses is ever increasing, Illuminate is not a $3 bottle of Chinese made petrochemical derived mineral oil…  it is a premium, high performance, natural product made from very high quality cosmetic ingredients that will last and last.

Available late July 2016.

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