Horse Show Colour Pony Kit – 6 tubes dye


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The HSC Pony Kit contains 6 tubes of colour + peroxide, Brush, Sponge, 1 x gloves, 1 x Oilinone, 1 x HSC Soap. That’s enough to dye a up to 14hh pony, or several manes & tails & legs/black points etc. Please note that it does not come in a bucket.

Available in Black, Dark Brown, Med Brown, Liver Chestnut, Dark Chestnut, Chestnut, Dark Bay, Dark Palomino, Clear




Horse Show Colour is a no ammonia cream colour designed to enhance and evenly tone your horse or ponies coat colour.

It does so by using our trademarked Tecnica Haircare no ammonia permanent cream colour and oilinone technology system to gently open the hair shaft and deposit the colour.

The benefits of using the tecnica no ammonia colour™ and the Oilione™ are:

Tecnica no ammonia cream based colour™ and Oilione™ are specially designed for horse and ponies to work together to ensure that you andyour horse or pony should not suffer from any irritations.

Tecnica no ammonia cream based colour™ and Oilione™ allows better control of the colour over your animal so colour will not run into unwantedareas e.g: white patches, eyes or nostrils.


INSTRUCTIONS – Before colour

Instructions to use before you apply the colour to enhance

Before you begin you must read and conduct the following to ensure the product is used correctly and is suited for your horse or pony:

Please test prior to show or event to ensure product gives you the results you wish to achieve.

Skin Sensitivity Test

All skin sensitivity tests should be carried out by law. Skin tests should be carried out 48 hours prior to a colour. If possible, testing one week prior to event is recommended.

To test if the horse is sensitive to colour, simply apply a small amount of colour on the horses belly in between their two front legs. Leave on for 48 hours then rinse thoroughly.

If the skin becomes irritated do not use the product.



Tips for successful application:

  • Give yourself time, you will require around 3 hours to complete the whole process properly. Approximately 1 hour to apply the colour and the rest of the time to process and wash off the colour.
  • If possible do not apply the colour in sunlight as it may dry up quickly, apply indoors or under shelter outdoors then take out into sunlight to dry. Try to have a friend help you apply the colour, it takes half the time and you can check each others work to ensure no streaking occurs.
  • Try to enhance your horse or pony at least one week before the event, this gives you time to touch up and allows the colour to look very natural on competition day.
  • Follow the diagram on page 17 for application instructions. We prefer to start on the tougher skin areas as they require a little more time for the colour to process and penetrate.
  • Ensure horse is cooled at least 15 minutes without covers or sweating before applying colour.
  • HSC no ammonia colour is designed to enhance and/or darken coats, not change from one level to another.
  • Colour can stain clothing and accessories, please use caution when applying the colour.


Please follow the instructions provided when colour enhancing:

All kits are prepared for the horse or pony size indicated so that all you need to do is mix all the ingredients into the tub and apply. Try to leave a bit of mixture at the end of colouring your horse for touching up any areas that you may have missed.


White area application:

Paint colour around horses or ponies white patches or socks working from the outside away. For extra protection, before you start colouring apply HSC Treatment or Conditioner to white patches or socks to act as a barrier. If in case some colour does accidentally penetrate use HSC Wipes or Stain Remover to remove colour.

Step 1: Ensure Coat is clear of any product residue or dirt as this can interfere with end colour result. A quick wash the night before or earlier before you apply the colour ensure the hair on the coat is ready for colour enhancing. The horse can be slightly moist before you apply the colour which can help spread the colour easier although it is recommended your horse be at least 80% dry.

Step 2: Place tecnica no ammonia colourª in the tub, place bottle of 10 vol peroxide in the tub, place Oilioneª in the tub and mix together until they form a smooth consistency. Use the following grid to find the right amount to mix:

KitsHorse SizeColourPeroxide (ml)Oilinone (ml)Processing
Hack Horse Kit6’6 HH8 tubes8003545 minutes
Large Horse Kit15-16 HH – 6’3 – 6’67 tubes7003545 minutes
Galloway Kit14 -15 HH – 5’9 – 6’36 tubes6003045 minutes
Pony Kit13 – 14 HH – 5’3 – 5’95 tubes5002545 minutes
Small Pony13 HH – under 5’04 tubes4002045 minutes
Mane & Tail2 Meters2 tubes200101 hour
Starter KitTouch Up Colour1 tubes100545 minutes

Refer to the S technique by Horse Show Colour diagram, follow the dots as indicated. We prefer the colour to spend more time on the tougher skin areas than the finer skin areas.

Step 3: Use the paint brush to apply the colour on the coat, the paint brush will give you a line effect when you apply it, once you have applied the colour over the whole horse either use a damp sponge, short bristle brush or use your hands to rub the colour into the coat to remove the line effect caused by the paint brush. The purpose is to ensure that each hair is penetrated evenly and firmly with colour and you eliminate any chance of streaking*.

* Refer to explanation in after colouring section.

Step 4: Leave the colour on for approximately 45 minutes on the body and 1 hour on the mane & tail, then rinse off with Horse Show Colour Shampoo or Conditioner on body and mane & tail.

Step 5: Go over horse or pony when dry to look for areas that you may have missed. Fill in the streaks or missed areas with extra colour from the mixture or Ocolor.


Tip: The firmer and more evenly you apply the colour across your horse or pony, the less chance you will have of streaking… Take your time!


Did you know?
Streaking is due to an area of colour that did not grab the colour properly. The colour still worked, it just did not make 100% coverage. Use the colour you have left over or Ocolor to touch up the streak. Leave it on for 20 minutes and it should level out with the other colour applied earlier.



Step 1: Start on the back then tail if required ­ Points 1-2 on diagram.

Step 2: Colour across the body ­ points 2, 3 & 4 on diagram and repeat 2, 3 & 4 on the other side.
Note: Streaking usually occurs in this area; pay extra attention on this area.

Step 3: Work your way up both sides of the neck area and include the mane if required ­ point 5 on diagram.

Step 4: Colour the face ­ Point 6 on diagram.

Step 5: Colour the legs ­ Point 7, 8, 9 & 10 on diagram.
Minimum processing time 45 minutes on each step. Rinse off with HSC Shampoo from top to bottom.


After colouring

General information after colouring

WARNING – IRRITANT – CAUTION: Keep out of reach of children.

  • We cannot guarantee results if you horse or pony is under medication.
  • If you have had a bit of streaking occur, simply use a bit of the remaining colour to touch up the streak. Leave on the
    colour for around 20 minutes and it should tone out the streak.
  • Use HSC Black shampoo or Ocolor (Page 27) to touch up colour between your next colour applications. This will tone
    up lost colour and give a good natural shine to the coat.


Additional information


Black, Dark Brown, Med Brown, Liver Chestnut, Dark Chestnut, Chestnut, Dark Bay, Dark Palomino, Clear

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