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How To Trim Up A Horse

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Whether you are turning your horse out for top level competition or just like to keep them looking well groomed, neat and tidy, a good result is all in the details.

When we present a horse we want to highlight their features and part of this is done by trimming them up.

You may wish to do all of the bits that I show in this video, or you may just do a few of them.
If you are showing your horse in particular breed or show classes I recommend that you check the rules and presentation standards to ensure that you are presenting your horse within the rules and recommendations. For example, in this video I’ll show how to tidy the coronet band, but if your horse has feathers then I would not do this part. The same with the bridle path – some breeds are shown without a bridle path. And then there’s different length bridle paths depending on what breed you’re showing.
You also need to take into consideration the environment that your horse lives in. Here in Australia we generally don’t have issues with cold, wet, muddy and boggy paddocks as much compared to try, dusty hard paddocks. If your horse spends a lot of time in wet, muddy, boggy paddocks then I don’t recommend trimming the hair around the fetlock and pastern as it is there to remove the water from that area.
Please note that whilst I do tidy the hairs sticking out of the ears and around the outer edge, I do not remove the hair inside the ear. I believe that it is there for a purpose. If you watch the video you’ll see that whilst I tidy it, there is plenty of hair left there.
I also prefer to leave the whiskers around the muzzle.

Happy trimming 🙂

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