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A beautifully plaited mane is a huge part of presenting your horse and a poorly plaited mane really impacts the overall look.

I always get people commenting on my plaits and a few friends have been asking me to do a video on how I do them for a while now, so I thought it was about time that I did.

Plaiting our horses for a show or competition is an enjoyable task for some, but for others it’s the thing that nightmares can be made of. I have been plaiting horses for many many years (and my friends and dolls since I was a little girl) and I have been teaching people how to plait for over 10 years now too.

So check out my video on how I plait and sew in rosettes in a horses mane. Hopefully it helps you a bit and you pick up some tips to improve your plaiting or even give you the confidence to try it yourself.

Incase you’re interested, the products that I use are

NTR Smooth Braids

NTR Sculpting Stick

or you can buy them together in a combo 

And the COMB is just the end of a human hair comb that I cut off ;) You can get them from the supermarket, chemist, discount stores, hair and beauty stores etc.

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